The Mission of Jesus House Baltimore is to bring people to the realization of the fulfillment of their God given dreams and potentials, and to teach people the Word of God with integrity. Jesus House Baltimore aims to build up responsible men and women that are confident in their God given rights, which in turn will enable them to impact and change society. Armed with the knowledge of their position in Christ, believers will contribute to the spiritual, relational, and economic growth of their community.


The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during services and special events. Its purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for the teaching of the Word of God.

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Provides Christian education, holiday activities, a structured environment, safe surroundings, and special events for the children of members and visitors.

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O.A.S.I.S is an acronym standing for: Older Adult Still In Service. This is an older adult group ministry of Jesus House Baltimore involving adults in their second half of life (i.e. adults fifty (50) years of age and older).

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The role of the Community Outreach Department is to impact our community with God’s love – to recognize, engage, promote, and meet the needs of the members of the community we live in, according to God’s mandate.

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This is a mentoring group for men of ages 20 – 40 years in Jesus House Baltimore.

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JHB Dance Ministry comprises of two groups namely Reflections and Sons/Daughters (S/DOP). Our vision is to praise God through different dance styles, raise up ministers, and spread the gospel among different age groups. The dance ministry promotes a greater level of excellence and commitment to our purpose, installed upon us by God, which is also continually reinforced in us by our pastors and mentors. As a ministry, we promote creative expression of worship through the art of various types of dance.

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Through Workshops and Conferences presented once a quarter throughout the year, our mission is to equip church leaders, business owners and individuals with leadership skills; promote exchange of ideas and development of stronger networks among leaders of Ministries, Businesses and communities on issues of common interest. 

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LIFE Groups are small groups that meet in homes (LIFE Centers) for a common purpose and intentionally provide an environment for LIFE (Lifting Individuals For Eternity). Each Life Center fosters spiritual growth and building of relationships with activities such as bible study, discussion of the word, testimonies, prayers, fellowship, fun outings and service projects. LIFE Groups ensure that NO ONE STANDS ALONE at JHB. Groups meet on the first and third Thursday of each month to connect with God and each other.

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This is the department in charge of audio CDs and DVDs of services in the church.

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The Fruitful Vine is a ministry that caters to both the spiritual needs (word ministrations and prayers) and physical needs (maternal and newborn care during pregnancy and postpartum) of members and visitors of JHB.

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JHB Hope Foundation is a Global Compassionate Ministry, committed to showing God’s love by restoring Hope, serving the down trodden, the marginalized by providing Clean Water, Food, Education & Health-Care services to the world forgotten poor. Fulfilling God’s will & purposes to impact & care for the poor, the Orphans & Widows and to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

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This ministry supports and celebrates the fusion between man and wife to become one flesh before God. It is an enriching ministry that strives to meet the needs of families and marriages in Jesus House Baltimore. This is accomplished by providing counseling and other educational programs through lay counselors.

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Please click here to view the marriage process at Jesus House Baltimore.

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The vision of the Jewels is to uphold, encourage and challenge JHB women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of His world church. This ministry is a “place to belong” where women will find Jesus, friendship, healing, truth and opportunity for personal growth and involvement.

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Priesthood is an initiative of God’s chosen men, purposed driven to magnify God’s compelling vision within Jesus House Baltimore and the Baltimore community.

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Sovereign Army serves teenagers in the 8th through 12th grades, so they may experience God’s love and salvation and that our ministry will be a pillar against societal pressures on today’s teenagers. With God’s help, the leaders, GGLs, teach our teenagers to honor God, enjoy the fellowship of other believers, experience the work of the ministry and greatly impact their peers and generation.

Year round activities and events that provide spiritual growth and fun are part of what SA is about. Teens get to be teens. Realizing they are the leaders of tomorrow, our teens learn to appreciate their callings and impact as the “salt” of the earth.

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This is the young adult ministry of Jesus House Baltimore. The Revolve Ministry caters to both the single and married young adults from age 20 and above. Young adults represent a tremendous opportunity to expand our faith’s ministry through new approaches, forms and identities and our programs are grounded in the hopes and needs that young adults articulate as they move through their transitions.

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