The Great Leadership Conference

The Mission of Jesus House Baltimore is to bring people to the realization of the fulfillment of their God given dreams and potentials, and to teach people the Word of God with integrity. Jesus House Baltimore aims to build up responsible men and women that are confident in their God given rights, which in turn will enable them to impact and change society. Armed with the knowledge of their position in Christ, believerswill contribute to the spiritual, relational, and economic growth of their community.

The Great Leadership Conference

Great Leadership Conference
time 12:00 am

September 26, 2019


September 28, 2019

Leadership has been proven to be the most influential and critical element of all businesses. Every organization needs strong leadership and influence skills to drive innovation, inspire performance, and collaborate within a diverse workforce.

Simply having the responsibilities of a leader doesn’t necessarily make a person an effective leader.

Effective leaders must acquire the necessary tools and skills that will inspire and impact their teams to run competently and smoothly.

If you are interested in maximizing your leadership potential, we invite you to join us at the Great Leadership Conference on September 26 – 28, 2019.  This conference will equip you with the key leadership skills to accelerate your effectiveness and impact in your ministry or in the marketplace.

The Great Leadership Conference is a three-day power packed conference that provides you with the necessary tools to maximize your leadership potential.