Celebrating 25 years with a Wellness Challenge

  • Goal is to commit to doing 250 miles by September 3rd
  • Represent 10 miles per year of existence: Thankful!
  • Starting March 7th (186 days total)
  • That is equal to 1.34 miles per day, very doable
  • It is not a competition, it is a self challenge
  • Encourages activity and healthy living as a church
  • Opportunity available to track how well you are doing
  • Activity visible to others in leader board

Yes! I’m ready! How do I join?

  • Download “Nike Run Club” app from your iPhone or Android devices
  • Register yourself for checking challenge activity

How to set up the app on iPhone

  • From app, select objects showing 👤👤
  • Select the +👤 at the top
  • Use the 🔍 to search JHB Baltimore
  • Select the circle with + to befriend JHB Baltimore
  • You will be notified once Friendship is established
  • Check your mail inbox within the app for the invitation to join the challenge
  • Accept the challenge
  • Review the leaderboard and view your joined status

How to set up the app on Android

  • Step 1: Add ‘JHB Baltimore’ as a friend – To add a friend, tap the Club tab, then tap +👤 icon. Tap 🔍 and search for ‘JHB Baltimore’. Tap + next to the name to request friendship. Once your friend request has been approved, you will be invited to join the Challenge
  • Step 2: Join the Challenge – Tap the Challenge tab. Tap on ‘JHB 25 YEARS OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS: 10MI/YR’ then Join Challenge

How to start and end a walk/run

  • Click on start a run on the 🏠(Home screen)
  • Click START
  • Click stop when done
  • Hold the black stop button for about 5 seconds to end the run/walk and to save and record
  • X out at the right top corner or close to go to the next screen
  • Click on the 👥 icon below to get to “challenges” on the next screen
  • Click on “My Challenges” and select JHB 25 YEARS OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS: 10MI/YR
  • Click on View Leaderboard to track your run time
  • Continue the fun and God bless🙏


  • Remember to give thanks for ALL God has done as you walk or jog
  • When you are ready to go walking or jogging, make sure your app is set to run to record your distance
  • Hold down the stop button to end and record your distance
  • Be intentional about the activity, a little sweat is good for the body
  • Stretch before any exercise, keep hydrated, and eat healthy
  • Get useful information on the app to improve your health
  • Make it fun! fun!! fun!!! Don’t stress about your position in the challenge
  • Endeavor to finish!
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