DreamWorks: Sept 2012 - Vol 6 Issue 1

Here’s the latest edition of DreamWorks. This issue includes: Pastor’s Note, DTC 2012, Pastor Korede Odutola, Ties & Tiaras, Cell Groups, Teen Carnival, About My Father’s Business, This is my Testimony, Patterns, Activating the Abundant Life, Pastor Sam Ore, Food Donation Drive, Back to School Drive, Kenya Mission Trip, Rev. George Adegboye, Rev. Sola Kolade, Revolve Week 2012, Decisions Decisions, Developing a College Savings Plan and more. Enjoy!

DreamWorks: May 2012 - Vol 5 Issue 6

This issue includes: Pastor’s Note, Preserving the Family, God my Provider, One Woman’s Work, Walk for Wells 2011, Reposition Yourself, Never Let Go, The Secrets to a Lasting Marriage, What New Members Think, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Apostle Ladi Kuyinu, Dr. Samuel Chand, Martha Munizzi, A Woman’s Complete Closet and more. Enjoy!

DreamWorks: September 2011 - Vol 5 Issue 5

This issue includes: Pastor’s Note, Re-Cap, Ministry Feature, Jewels, Priesthood, Teens, In The Community, From the Pulpit, Leadership, For Your Education, Get to Know, Pre-Marital Counseling, Transitioning in America, Let’s Talk About Retirement, What a New Family Thinks, A Spiritual Approach to Healing, Israel Houghton, Media for the Body, Soul, and Spirit, and more. Enjoy!